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My staff and I will do your dishes, laundry, floors, rugs, carpets and even that pesky dusting. We'll change your sheets and make your beds, clean the bathrooms, organize your cupboards, and even leave our "special touch" to let you know we've been there.


We treat each home as if it were ours . . . making it beautiful and a delight to come home to . . . "Just In Time."


The day is over, dreams have come true, now let us bring your event to an end by cleaning and preparing the venue so you don't have to. Our team comes in while the party is on it's last dance. We pack up your personal items, tear down table and chairs, sort other venders' belongings, and will bag up the tuxes which we can return for you othe next day--all to guarantee your venue deposit. So when you need to leave worries behind, call us and we'll be there "Just In Time."

Event Cleaning

  • Cleaning and breaking down tables
  • Cleaning and stacking chairs
  • Mopping and vacuuming floors
  • Cleaning washroom
  • Cleaning kitchen and food prep area
  • Cleaning lawn around venue
  • Trash removal from venue
  • Coordinate with florist, caterer, Rental companies, and their equipment
  • Gather tuxes for return
  • Load items in assigned vehicles that night
  • We satisfy all requirements of the venue--thus guaranteeing your deposit