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The Psychology of Cleaning



Psychology of Cleaning

- Kathleen Wilcox

The Psychology of Cleaning: What does this mean? Cleaning is an action and Psychology is the science of mind and behavior related to ones feelings and thoughts. Feelings can have an affect on your surroundings and your surroundings can have an affect on your feelings. So the logical thing to deduct is that your surroundings can have a huge affect on your life. Cleaning can keep you so busy that you don’t enjoy the fun things of life; lack of cleaning can bring you down, preventing you from inviting guest to your home, for fear of the preverbal disapproving eye. So fear abounds, thus the creation of JUST IN TIME. Ask any women, how does she feel when she comes home to a clean smelling, organized home. Happy at peace… you bet! This is the feeling my company can bring to those who need my help.